The Swainsonian is an institute that holds absolutely nothing. It is awaiting a big bang to occur within its hallowed halls. Then it will hold a universe. In the mean time here is a cyberspace collection.

Why this site is the way it is – No time 😉

Kramer: Look at this, they are redoing the Cloud Club.

Jerry: Oh, that restaurant on top of the Chrysler building? Yeah, that’s a good idea.

Kramer: Of course it’s a good idea, it’s my idea. I conceived this whole project two years ago.

Jerry: Which part? The renovating the restaurant you don’t own part or spending the two hundred million you don’t have part?

Kramer: You see, I come up with these things, I know they’re gold, but nothing happens. You know why?

Jerry: No resources, no skill, no talent, no ability, no brains…?

Kramer: No. No time! It’s all these menial tasks. Laundry, grocery, shopping, coming in here talking to you. 

Kramer and Jerry from Seinfeld Episode 9.02 “The Voice”